Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Anya Tunic - Green Bee Patterns

I received these goodies in the mail a number of weeks ago and have started on the road to making each of these patterns!  

The first one I decided to make is the Anya Tunic - mainly because the fabric that I bought for the top is so darn cute!

Arlyn is 2, and I made her a size 4 based on her measurements.  The sleeves are not supposed to be wrist length, so they're a little long, and I think next time I'll extend the length of the tunic.  The pattern includes a tunic length and a dress length.

They're hard to see in these pictures, but the sleeves were the most difficult part of the pattern.  They are square and it took me a few minutes to figure out the diagram, but they turned out nicely!  

The buttons on the back are my favourite part of the tunic - just a little bit of detail can add so much interest to a garment!  :)

You can find all of the Green Bee Patterns here!


Monday, 6 May 2013

Elliott's Superhero Party!

Elliott's 6th birthday party happened this weekend and we had such a great time!  It all started with a 'superhero' idea and the theme evolved rather nicely.  Once I found this superman image online and combined it with the details, we had the invitations!

The idea of the party was that the kids had to complete certain activities (in the form of games) in order to fill out their 'Superhero Abilities Checklist,' which they could redeem for their cape.

 Backdrop and capes came together easily with FELT!  
The kids wore their checklist around their wrists for easy access!

The Games!

Ability #1: Stomps out Crime
The kids had to stomp on and pop a bunch of balloons

Ability #2: Leaps Over Tall Building

To earn the sticker for this ability, the kids had to jump over boxes that looked like buildings.  They LOVED this game...and we incorporated Elliott's little trampoline to master the largest building.

Ability #3: Faster than a Speeding Bullet

The kids had to run around the backyard and pick up 'Kryptonite' (neon green painted rocks) as fast as they could. I wanted to use glow sticks for this game, but opted for the cheaper option!

Ability #4: Rids the World of Villains

To earn the sticker for this game the kids had to throw beanbags through a hula hoop and get them in baskets.  Originally I was going to hang a picture of Lex Luthor in the hoop and have the kids shoot foam rings at him, but I decided that it was a bit too violent.  :)  The beanbags were a hit, though!

Once they had filled out their 'Superhero Abilities Checklist' we had a little ceremony where all of the kids received their capes.  

It was heartwarming to see them all so excited and proud of themselves!  All of the kids applauded each child and then they all ran around for a little while.

I'll leave you with a bunch more pictures from the party.  We had SUCH a great time and were thrilled to share Elliott's special day with his friends (all eleven of them)!

Vintage comic books were used to make the bunting!
The Birthday Boy with his Superman curl!  :)
More vintage comic book pages put to use!
The only time the kids sat still...SUPPER!
The idea for the cake came from One Charming Party and the POW/POP/BAM printables are from Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss
Love this pic of Elliott amazed at his birthday cake (and Gibson's goofy face)!
The Superheroes...
I hope you're all having a SUPER spring!  Please contact me if you'd like any more info or help with your superhero party (I have a few more ideas for games that I didn't get to use)!


Monday, 1 April 2013

7-Gore Peg Skirt...a pattern for myself!

You know when something fits just right?  Like that shirt that you love or those pants that, even though they're eight years old) you just can't part with because they fit SO WELL?!  Well, I'm not sure that I've ever had that feeling.  Haha, I sound so dramatic, but it's true!  I'm so tall (5' 11") and pointy (My elbows WILL poke your eye out) that it's really hard to find things that actually fit.  And that, my friends, is why I started taking a pattern making class at the nearby college!

The course started in January and finishes up this week.  It has been so much fun, is completely fascinating and I'm thrilled to say that I created my own skirt pattern (graded to my own size) and sewed it up last week.  Here's my 7-Gore Peg Skirt!

the sassy photo

Instead of a yoke waist-band I extended the top waist 1" and sewed a facing to line the skirt 3.5" down.  The invisible zipper needs some help, but it was a great experience (I've actually only sewed one before). We were asked to submit a finished project in muslin but were 'allowed' to use any fabric of our choice.  I chose a simple cotton/poly blend because it was cheap (yay) and I loved how bright it looked in the store.  It really is a little but too bright for my liking, but I WILL be making this pattern in a 'nicer' fabric...maybe to wear on Sundays?  I think this skirt would look great as part of a suit and I'm pumped that suit jackets are part of the Pattern Making 3 course.  Woohoo...no more bare wrists!  :)

Pattern Making 2 starts in April and will focus on bodices, sleeves and dresses.  Awesome.


Friday, 29 March 2013

Number 9 Trousers

Happy Easter!  I hope that you all are enjoying your long weekend with those that you love!  Here's a little peek at our egg-painting session from this afternoon!

We've had a busy few weeks here at the household, mainly because we've tried to do a few things at the same time as having two sick kids.  Yuck.  Thankfully they're both over the nastiness and are happy as can be!  :)

I did manage to get some sewing in before they were sick...some sweet little pants for Elliott from the pattern by Shwin&Shwin.  Here are the Number 9 Trousers:

I love the look of these pants - the material used is Essex Yarn Dyed Denim which was shipped over from Sew Mama, Sew.  LOVE this material: it's light and perfect for Spring (which, hint,hint, should be on its way soon)!  

The back welt pockets took up the bulk of the project time but they add so much to the pant, they are a necessity!  Elliott LOVED the fact that i added special Superman fabric to the pockets (Thanks Shwin&Shwin for the idea)!  And seriously, he looks uber cute in these pants.  I cut him a size 5 based on his waist size but added 1.5 inches to the length...which wasn't enough!  The hem was completed with only 1/4 inch turn under because they would have been too short any other way!  

Loved the pattern, loved the outcome.  I think I'll add a button to the front to give it some more detail, and next time I'll add some interest to the side front pockets as well.


Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Wiksten Tank

Have you heard of The Workroom?  It's Toronto's first sewing and crafting by the hour workspace and it's beautiful.  Did I take pictures of it in all it's beauty when I was there?  Of course I didn't...that would have been too perfect!  But seriously though, stop by their website to take a look...and if you're in T.O, stop in the store and take a look at some of their Liberty Fabrics they have in-stock!  Gorgeous.

I did come home with something when I visited the other weekend...

The Wiksten Tank!  I've seen the finished product online and I LOVE how it fits - all flowy and such.  It's a very pretty and flattering tank, so I thought I'd pick up the pattern and whip a few up before the summer comes around (I know, I know...I live in Ontario, I've got a while...)

I did make one minor mistake when I was there...the fabric that I chose is too heavy...It's a linen cotton blend and I don't think it's going to drape very well without being kinda crunchy, ya know?  No harm done, really; I'm sure I can find another use for a beautiful linen blend, but I really wanted to make my tank!  The only fabric I had enough of was this really bright, florally one that I found at a thrift store last year.  So, I made it, decided to make some alterations to my pattern (length, mainly) and  bought some voile to use for my second attempt.  Here's the finished product!

Not very visible...but there IS a pocket there!  :)
Love the feel of this tank, though I think I prefer the feel of the 100% cotton one better (mental note for when I make my third Wiksten tank).

Unfortunately, this thank might be stored in my closet for a while...yesterday was the first day of Spring and it was snowing.  Getting a little tired of this snow!  Though, all things considered, I really can't complain.  Last year at this time here in Bowmanville it was almost 26 degrees Celsius (that's 78 degrees Fahrenheit) so we were spoiled for a time (though my Magnolia tree was completely confused...).

Here's hoping for warmer weather!  :)


Monday, 25 February 2013

She can't see yet, but...

Look what I started this weekend!
Wee Wonderful - unstuffed.
I received the Wee Wonderfuls pattern booklet for my birthday and my doll fabric came in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I'm so glad that I ordered the booklet when I did - since then they have discontinued the hard copy booklet and are now only selling pdf files.  I definitely partial to cute little booklets! 

Here she is!  All stuffed with no place to go...mainly because she's naked and can't see, but hopefully I'll be remedying that soon.  I'm trying to find a place locally that sells wool felt, but am currently not having any luck...I really hate spending $ on shipping when I order online.  And on a side note, it seriously stinks how high the shipping costs have been raised for international purchases.  I went online today to buy two yards of voile and the shipping was over NINETEEN DOLLARS (needless to say, I did not go through with the purchase).  I know it's not that bad everywhere, but I really have to find a cheaper option.  But I digress...I'm going to make myself feel better now by looking at these cute pictures of my little nameless Wee Wonderful.  :)

Isn't she sweet?!  Can't wait to get her some eyes and make up a wardrobe for her!  And if I make another, I buying the Olive and Archie pattern - adorable.

If you have a minute, I'd love to hear where you like to buy your fabric/craft supplies (wherever you're from)!  My newest favourite quilting shop online is Fabric Spot (mainly because the owner is super sweet and the shipping in Canada is a flat rate of $5)...I haven't bought from her yet, but next time I buy for quilting, it will be from her!  As for American online shops, well, I'm going to have to re-research them all to see where my loyalty lies.

Have a beautiful day!

Monday, 18 February 2013

And the Winner is...

Thanks so much to everyone who entered The Naked Spool's very first giveaway!  It was so very nice to see all of your comments (bloggers LIVE for comments on their posts), and to be able to welcome new members and Facebook fans!

Are you ready for the winner (thanks to the True Random Number Generator)?  Drum roll please....

True Random Number Generator  5Powered by RANDOM.ORG
The Winner is....Angela!!!   Here's her super-sweet winning comment:

"Hey Karina, I've been meaning to leave a post for a while to let you know how motivational I find your work/site - and now you've gone and given me motivation to post too! Love all your projects - this fabric looks amazing - my newest projects are fabric storage bags, so maybe I'd make some of those or I might have to try a pillow or something new :)"
Congratulations, Angela!  Please send me an email via my 'About Me' page so I can get your shipping information.

(Just a brief note about the random number generator - I promise that when I ran the draw it showed the max number at 17...when I copy and paste it the number keeps changing to 100!  I'll figure it out one day...)
I don't know about you, but today is going to be a great day.  It's Family day here in Canada, so we're planning on going to the library and then heading off to either the swimming pool or the skating rink this afternoon.  Whether you're celebrating Family Day, Presidents' Day or just having a regular, average day, I hope you all find some time to spend with the one's you love (and maybe you'll be able to pick up a sewing project or two)!