Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pillow II

I've jumped on the pillow bandwagon and have made one for my living room.  Surprisingly, this is the first pillow that I've made for myself since I started sewing again almost two years ago...I'm not sure why...I think I may have a problem committing to fabric choices, really.  What if it doesn't look good and I spent all that money on fabric?  :)  Well, I stumbled upon a solution at one of my second hand shops this week.  Voila!    

Spending $.99 on fabric that I love is the BOMB!  And of course, if it doesn't look good in my living room, no harm done to the budget, right? 

The goal was to turn this:

into something suitable for the decor in my living room (which is a constant  work in progress, let me tell ya).  The purple cover isn't bad - it's actually quite nice, but it no longer matches what style I'm going for.  So, really, all that pillow had going for it was the beautiful down-filled form beneath all that purple!

Wash and cut fabric.  Add zipper, topstich, measure back again, line front, sew seams. Done!

I love this pillow.
I love the zipper with the covered ends!
covered zipper ends

I'd love to show you a pic of my living room but I couldn't bring myself to post it yet.  It's not near done and I have a LOT more work to do.  I guess that's okay, right?   :)  Actually, one of the reasons I really like this fabric is because it kind of ties my other couch into the room with that strange orangey-brown colour.  Yep, sounds hideous, but I think it's finally starting to come together.  Maybe I'll show you soon...

I hope you're all having a fantastic, down-filled day!

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  1. Nice! I just recovered a few pillows recently too:
    i didn't bother with a zipper, i just sewed up the last opening by hand, and i used polyfill instead of a real pillowform because i was trying to be cheap.
    Here's a tutorial i just saw for putting an invisible zip on the side:

  2. Really nice. I love the fabric and the back zip makes it so handy to clean. I recovered pillows and at the last moment decided not to put a zipper in. Then something got spilled and I was unpicking the damn thing...long story-short, I washed it and put a zipper in. I'm glad you had the foresight to put one in from the start.

  3. I love your pillow!!! and the zipper is great!

  4. I love your Blog!! I saw your link on Crazy Mom Quilts!!
    Follow me back!


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