Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Fishing Vest for Jack

We went home for a few days over the weekend and into March Break, and were able to celebrate my nephew's 5th birthday.  I'd been thinking for a few weeks about what to get him and, of course, decided to make him something!  I picked out some Fish in The Sea a few months back, and have been waiting for some inspiration. Then I had a brilliant idea.  Summer is on it's way...cottage fishing!

I used the explorer vest pattern from the Oliver + S book that my sister gave me for Christmas, and came up with this:

The fish material worked perfectly for this project!

I added some grommets and little fishing lures (removed the sharp hook before fastening them on)...

and attached them using Velcro so that Jack's mom can throw the vest in the wash!

I really liked the idea of the back pocket from the pattern...though it might be a little hard to access without taking the vest off (I guess that's what moms and dads are for).  :)

I'm pretty sure that Jack liked it...even though it was on the small side (kids keep growing so darn fast)!

So, now that I've made one I MUST make some more...well, at least one for Elliott.  He's been asking me when he's getting his fishing vest, so I better add it to the list!


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  1. I love what you've done! How much would you charge to do something like this in a size 12-month?


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