Monday, 6 May 2013

Elliott's Superhero Party!

Elliott's 6th birthday party happened this weekend and we had such a great time!  It all started with a 'superhero' idea and the theme evolved rather nicely.  Once I found this superman image online and combined it with the details, we had the invitations!

The idea of the party was that the kids had to complete certain activities (in the form of games) in order to fill out their 'Superhero Abilities Checklist,' which they could redeem for their cape.

 Backdrop and capes came together easily with FELT!  
The kids wore their checklist around their wrists for easy access!

The Games!

Ability #1: Stomps out Crime
The kids had to stomp on and pop a bunch of balloons

Ability #2: Leaps Over Tall Building

To earn the sticker for this ability, the kids had to jump over boxes that looked like buildings.  They LOVED this game...and we incorporated Elliott's little trampoline to master the largest building.

Ability #3: Faster than a Speeding Bullet

The kids had to run around the backyard and pick up 'Kryptonite' (neon green painted rocks) as fast as they could. I wanted to use glow sticks for this game, but opted for the cheaper option!

Ability #4: Rids the World of Villains

To earn the sticker for this game the kids had to throw beanbags through a hula hoop and get them in baskets.  Originally I was going to hang a picture of Lex Luthor in the hoop and have the kids shoot foam rings at him, but I decided that it was a bit too violent.  :)  The beanbags were a hit, though!

Once they had filled out their 'Superhero Abilities Checklist' we had a little ceremony where all of the kids received their capes.  

It was heartwarming to see them all so excited and proud of themselves!  All of the kids applauded each child and then they all ran around for a little while.

I'll leave you with a bunch more pictures from the party.  We had SUCH a great time and were thrilled to share Elliott's special day with his friends (all eleven of them)!

Vintage comic books were used to make the bunting!
The Birthday Boy with his Superman curl!  :)
More vintage comic book pages put to use!
The only time the kids sat still...SUPPER!
The idea for the cake came from One Charming Party and the POW/POP/BAM printables are from Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss
Love this pic of Elliott amazed at his birthday cake (and Gibson's goofy face)!
The Superheroes...
I hope you're all having a SUPER spring!  Please contact me if you'd like any more info or help with your superhero party (I have a few more ideas for games that I didn't get to use)!



  1. Wow you are so creative! I will recommend my sister to read this blog. His eldest is a spiderman fan! We can sure use some super ideas like this.
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    Ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  2. This party is awesome. I am planning to make a backdrop very similar to yours! Did you glue the felt buildings onto the backdrop or sew them? Same with the stars on the back of the capes.
    THANK YOU for all of the wonderful ideas.

    1. Hi Krissy! Thanks for your kind feedback! For the backdrop I glued all of the felt pieces on (in a rush, I might at, the afternoon of the party). If you live in the area I would love to loan the backdrop to you...I'm not sure what I'll do with it around here! :) For the capes, I sewed the stars and velcro on, but they would look just as great (and would take less time) if you hot glued them. If you have any more questions let me know! (and please leave your email address so that I can get back to you directly...I hope you get this message!) ~Karina

  3. Karina you did a fabulous job on the party very creative, colorful , exciting and kid friendly. Wow l'm impressed !

  4. Hi there, can you email me directly..
    Wondering where you got the red capes, please let me know. Thanks, can great great job with the party!!!!

  5. Looking so cool and Really impressive article you shared here.


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