Monday, 26 March 2012

Scrappy Mini Quilt

When Rachel at Stitched in Color announced her Festival of Scrappiness, I knew that I wanted to make a little mini scrap quilt for Arlyn's stuffed animals that she fancies.  I had some extra Loulouthi fabric sitting around from Arlyn's curtains in her room, and thought that I would put it to good use! 
I discovered some beautiful linen while out thrifting the other day (yes, someone had gotten rid of their linen scraps...thank you!), and thought that it would pair nicely with the loulouthi.  Add a few more scraps, and here is the finished product!

It measures about 15x15...perfect for covering up a little stuffie! 
The quilting was an attempt at the orange peel design...I thought I might as well try it out on a mini quilt before giving it a whirl on a larger quilt (which is the same story for the was my first time entirely machine binding a quilt and I think I'm going to re-bind it so that it's a little nicer).  I attempted the quilting with the darning foot first, but I couldn't quite get the stitch length to be uniform with this pattern.  I've used free-motion quilting before here and here, but this design was a little trickier.  Because my squares were pretty large (finished 2.5") I decided to try out my walking foot for the quilting...and it worked!  Since my squares are a little 'off' in a few areas the pattern isn't perfect, but I'm happy with it (for my first try, at least)!

I think Arlyn is going to love it...she has three little animals that she's been carrying around lately (yes, sometimes all at once) so it may be a little hard to decide who will get the quilt each night!

The three animals of choice!

Update.  Okay, Arlyn does love it.  Here's a few photos!

The three choice animals testing the mini out for size!

Testing out the quilt
Pushing the stuffies around

Picnic time!

Why wouldn't I get in here!

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  1. Oh, she is the cutest thing! Love the photos you added of her playing with your cutie mini. Thanks for telling about using your foot for that quilting design!


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