Thursday, 25 October 2012

Minoru Jacket

Want to see what kept me busy over the summer (well, other than kids, enjoying the sunshine, vacation etc.)?  The Minoru Jacket from Sewaholic.

Easy to read instructions and a helpful sew-along that takes you step-by-step through the process if needed!

I extended the length of the bodice and the arms by one inch and it fits like a charm.  I'm always having problems finding shirts/sweaters/jackets that are long enough for me, so being able to adjust this pattern was a real treat. I seriously cannot even express how awesome it is to put this jacket on.  IT FITS!

I added pockets to the front because I hate having to bring my purse everywhere and really wanted to just be able to carry a card (or two) and my keys in my coat.  The pattern is designed with a pocket on the inside of the jacket, but I decided on the easier-access kind; keys in front pocket = quick.

Thanks Tasia for creating such a beautiful pattern - so proud that you're Canadian!  :)



  1. Your jacket looks great! I really like the style of pockets you added to the front.:)

    btw, I found your blog from the picture you had up in the Sewaholic flickr group. I just ordered the Minoru pattern and was checking out what others have done with the pattern.

  2. Hi Cindy! I'm glad to hear that you bought the pattern - it's a great Jacket with an awesome fit! Good luck with the sewing. :)

  3. Your coat looks perfect!!! Love the fit and the pockets in the front. :)

  4. Lovely coat, well done! You will get tons of use out of that!

  5. Thanks Emily and Jessica! I seriously wear this jacket every day - what a great investment to my closet! :)

  6. awesome job - makes me want to sew :)
    what fabric did you use?

  7. Hi Daniela! I used a cotton twill for the outer and flannel for the interior. I'm not sure of what brand they were (they were bought at Fabricland) but if I come across the name I will let you know! :)

  8. Since you are sooooooooooo incredible, you should make me a jacket. With bunny rabbits and electric guitars.
    And make it awesome--only you could do that ;)

  9. I love your pockets - what a great addition!


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