Monday, 1 April 2013

7-Gore Peg Skirt...a pattern for myself!

You know when something fits just right?  Like that shirt that you love or those pants that, even though they're eight years old) you just can't part with because they fit SO WELL?!  Well, I'm not sure that I've ever had that feeling.  Haha, I sound so dramatic, but it's true!  I'm so tall (5' 11") and pointy (My elbows WILL poke your eye out) that it's really hard to find things that actually fit.  And that, my friends, is why I started taking a pattern making class at the nearby college!

The course started in January and finishes up this week.  It has been so much fun, is completely fascinating and I'm thrilled to say that I created my own skirt pattern (graded to my own size) and sewed it up last week.  Here's my 7-Gore Peg Skirt!

the sassy photo

Instead of a yoke waist-band I extended the top waist 1" and sewed a facing to line the skirt 3.5" down.  The invisible zipper needs some help, but it was a great experience (I've actually only sewed one before). We were asked to submit a finished project in muslin but were 'allowed' to use any fabric of our choice.  I chose a simple cotton/poly blend because it was cheap (yay) and I loved how bright it looked in the store.  It really is a little but too bright for my liking, but I WILL be making this pattern in a 'nicer' fabric...maybe to wear on Sundays?  I think this skirt would look great as part of a suit and I'm pumped that suit jackets are part of the Pattern Making 3 course. more bare wrists!  :)

Pattern Making 2 starts in April and will focus on bodices, sleeves and dresses.  Awesome.