Monday, 24 December 2012

Recycled Reader - Ruby Star Wrap-Along

Well, this will be my last post for my Ruby Star Wrap-Along submissions - I've had so much fun with the wrap-along and definitely had a great time stepping away from my sewing machine for this one!

This project is based on the Recycled Reader in Ruby Star Wrapping.  Basically, take an old book (the pages were literally falling out of this one) and re-purpose it for something great!  My 'great' thing is a gift card holder, but there are so many options (like gifting old or new photos, keeping receipts...the possibilities are almost endless)!  :)

I found the book while thrifting (surprised?) and the design on the front of the book really grabbed reminds me of vintage Pyrex and Flea Market Fancy.  

The inside of the book was created by decoupaging pages from an old book (one I bought at the same time) onto a piece of computer paper.  Once it dried I glues it to the inside of the book and detailed the edges with some decorative tape.  After gluing the pages in it was a little too thick to close, so I just cut a little of the bulk out of the middle and prettied it up with more decorative tape (I really don't think I could have used too much of that cute stuff).

Once completed I wrapped it up with some Festive Garland with more pages from the book.  Cute, no?  
The best part of the gift is that the gift card is for a local bookstore - talk about a themed present!

::Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas::

Monday, 17 December 2012

Game Board Box

If you have been visiting my blog regularly you'll know that I've been a part of the Ruby Star Wrap-Along that Sukie is hosting over at her blog.  The wrap-along is based on the book by Melody Miller (Ruby Star Wrapping) and has been a fantastic way for me to package a number of gifts this Christmas.

In light of one of the projects in the book, I've been keeping my eye out for an amazing-looking board game - one that I could use as part of a gift to someone.  While out thrifting the other day I saw this out of the corner of my eye...

The colours were perfect!  I didn't have a shoebox to use as a template (like in the Ruby Star Wrapping book), so after measuring a little I cut out this guy (and later cut off those two flaps on the top piece).

After taping it all together with some houndstooth duct tape and drilling some holes for the closure (yes, I got to use a POWER TOOL)...

The box was complete!

  • Old game board (thrifted)
  • Houndstooth Duct Tape
  • Two buttons from my stash
  • Hair elastic for closure

What will I be using it for, you ask?  I was thinking that I'd use it to gift some handmade items this Christmas, but then I needed a little box for Arlyn's Calico Critters...

and then I couldn't resist playing a little...  :)

We'll see if I end up using this as a gift box or'll be difficult to take these little Critters out of their new home!  


Ruby Star Wrap-Along - a little something in the mail!

I haven't had a chance to post it until now, but after submitting my first wrap-along entry I actually won the first week's prize - a funky clutch from Daphne at Octopurse and a $20 gift card for Pink Chalk Fabrics!  I received the clutch last week directly from Melody Miller and her 'wrapping' job of the shipping box was so sweet - I love the vintage book page (oh, and this is the box after my kiddos ripped it apart).

Thanks Sukie, Melody, Daphne, and Pink Chalk Fabrics...I'm a sucker for prizes!  :)


Wednesday, 12 December 2012


This post has been a LONG time coming since I finished this shirt way back in JUNE (in case your wondering, June was that warm month a little while ago).  I love the material, the fit, the everything about this blouse (Butterick B5526).

Except the pockets.  When I make this one again the pockets will be lowered an inch or so.  I extended the length of the sleeves and the bodice 2 the length!

For my first shirt I think it turned out pretty well!