Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Wiksten Tank

Have you heard of The Workroom?  It's Toronto's first sewing and crafting by the hour workspace and it's beautiful.  Did I take pictures of it in all it's beauty when I was there?  Of course I didn't...that would have been too perfect!  But seriously though, stop by their website to take a look...and if you're in T.O, stop in the store and take a look at some of their Liberty Fabrics they have in-stock!  Gorgeous.

I did come home with something when I visited the other weekend...

The Wiksten Tank!  I've seen the finished product online and I LOVE how it fits - all flowy and such.  It's a very pretty and flattering tank, so I thought I'd pick up the pattern and whip a few up before the summer comes around (I know, I know...I live in Ontario, I've got a while...)

I did make one minor mistake when I was there...the fabric that I chose is too heavy...It's a linen cotton blend and I don't think it's going to drape very well without being kinda crunchy, ya know?  No harm done, really; I'm sure I can find another use for a beautiful linen blend, but I really wanted to make my tank!  The only fabric I had enough of was this really bright, florally one that I found at a thrift store last year.  So, I made it, decided to make some alterations to my pattern (length, mainly) and  bought some voile to use for my second attempt.  Here's the finished product!

Not very visible...but there IS a pocket there!  :)
Love the feel of this tank, though I think I prefer the feel of the 100% cotton one better (mental note for when I make my third Wiksten tank).

Unfortunately, this thank might be stored in my closet for a while...yesterday was the first day of Spring and it was snowing.  Getting a little tired of this snow!  Though, all things considered, I really can't complain.  Last year at this time here in Bowmanville it was almost 26 degrees Celsius (that's 78 degrees Fahrenheit) so we were spoiled for a time (though my Magnolia tree was completely confused...).

Here's hoping for warmer weather!  :)



  1. I love your version of the Wiksten! The floral is going to really bright up your wardrobe!

    1. Thanks so much! I wear a LOT of black so I thought this would be a good addition! :)

  2. Great fabric color. I'm a an auburn haired Mom with red cheecks so I can never ever wear reds and oranges - but I am always envious of those who can! By the way, this is my first visit (through Finish it up Friday) and I really love your blog title and image. Very cool! Great Finish!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Britt! Glad you stopped by - come back any time! :)

  3. I like it and I'm glad you ended up with that fabric - it will look so wonderful on a summer day.

  4. Great Pattern, I am sure you will enjoy the Tank if our weather ever warms up. The pants and pockets are too cute.


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