Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Pancake Wednesday

Elliott LOVES pancakes.  I think he asks to have them for breakfast every day.  So, in order to appease the little guy, we've created 'Pancake Wednesdays' that occur weekly.  It goes down something like this: every Tuesday night before bed I make the pancake batter, keeping the wet and dry ingredients separate, and every Wednesday morning Elliott mixes the two together.  While they're cooking Elliott asks 'are they done yet?' about 15 times and then when they are done he cuts out shapes with his heart cookie cutters (or his Santa cookie cutter...depending on the day) and dips them into maple syrup!  The idea is simple, the process is simple, but 'Pancake Wednesdays' mean the world to him!  And that means a lot to me...

I love having Elliott home - he attends JK what works out to be 2.5 days per week and as much as he needs the socialization, I'm so very glad that I still get to have him around!  I didn't become a SAHM until after Arlyn was born (Elliott was 3.5 years old), and I feel a little like I've been catching up with him.  Does that make sense?  What a joy it is to be able to experience my kids - I'm so blessed!

Are you sick of the sappiness yet?  :) 

Okay, so, back to Wednesdays!  Usually we go to the library on Wednesday afternoons to pick out a few books and DVDs for the week (we don't have cable and only receive 'snow storms' on our tv, so the kids pick out a few tv shows to watch), and play with the toys that the library has out in the kids section. But guess what?  Today.  Outside.  It is 11 degrees celsius.  This means that we are going to the creek to explore with some friends!  And on a side note...this is officially MY FIRST PLAYDATE IN BOWMANVILLE!  :)  (Okay Jeanine, if you're reading this, yes, it is that big of a deal)!  :) 

Wednesday also means my sewing class at the college, and I'm always pumped about that!  Here's my little assignment for this week:

Lapped Zipper!

Unfortuantely when I go out in the evening it means that I can't work on my own projects like this little number I'm making with the help of my husband's old pants...more to come on this when I get it finished!

Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday.

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