Monday, 6 February 2012

I Love Roy(gbiv)

I've been obsessed with the rainbow sequence lately.  Good ol' ROYGBIV.  There's just something about it that evokes happiness, ya know?  Over the past few days I've gone a little crazy with the sequence, so hopefully if you're not feeling 'top shelf' at the moment, by the end of this post you'll feel a little bit brighter inside!  :)

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was about to begin a beginners sewing course in an attempt to get into pattern making for fun.  I have been to two classes so far, and though I am familiar with a lot of the terms, processes, etc., I've been having a great time!  One of our first assignments was a bit tedious (sewing straight by eye to form a grid), so I decided to jazz it up a little with thread colour selection!

Okay, so, minus the crooked grid, it turned out great!  (In other words, I hope our instructor is marking based on colour selection rather than actual sewing skills...)

Last night I got together with a few wonderful ladies from church while the gents absorbed the sights and sounds of the Superbowl.  I had such a great time and came home with this lovely rainbowy gem which is now hanging on our banister:

View from below!

A few of the ladies had asked if I would help them make the heart garland from my previous post, but since we only had two hours, we decided on making felt heart garland instead!  There are a bunch of different tutorials online, but I mainly got the idea from here and here.  I love how simple it was to make and how FANTASTIC it looks!  I think I may have to make a garland for EVERY special occasion...shamrocks, here I come!

Last rainbows but not least rainbows, I cut out a few more felt hearts with Elliott today in order to make a few V-day cards.

Please don't judge my drawing skills...  :)

Elliott's card to his cousin - front

The inside.

Don't you feel better now? 
*happy sigh*


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