Thursday, 3 May 2012

Elliott's Robot's DONE!

It only took me four months, but Elliott's Robot quilt is finally finished!  
Okay, so I didn't work on this thing non-stop...I had a few (understatement) breaks along the way (like when I REALLY didn't feel like piecing the back of the quilt, or fixing the 8-block section that I sewed in wrong, or when I was waiting for my backing fabric to come in the mail and for quilt batting to go on sale), but the breaks were VERY good for me! 

After piecing and sandwiching the quilt together, I decided to quilt this guy around the larger diamond shapes in light grey thread with my walking foot. I knew that the size would pose some problems on my tiny little machine, but with some shoving careful rolling of the quilt I managed to get the entire thing quilted (though I did have some issues with the material time, spray basting!)  Ahhh...that last line of quilting felt sooooo good! 

The hand binding took a number of hours...I think I'm going to try something different next time. I've tried binding a quilt using my machine entirely (zigzag method), and I had a really hard time with it. Maybe it just takes some practice (like most things, I guess). I think that for the two quilts that I have ready to be quilted I'm going to try machine biding with my walking foot based on the tutorial found here by Rita at Red Pepper Quilts.

I was hoping to have the quilt done for Elliott's birthday on April 30th but wasn't able to get the binding handstiched on until May 1st. I think he'll forgive me though. :) Last night he told me that he's going to keep this quilt forever and then he'll ask his 'boy' if he wants to have it.  Tooooo cuuuuute!

Elliott truly loves his new quilt (which is crumpled up on the chair in the background)!  :)
The finished quilt measures about 70"x90"  and is way too big for Elliott's current bed!  The ideas was to make one that would fit a bed that's a bit bigger than his current one so that he can use it longer (and let's be honest here - as much as I'd love to make him another quilt, it's not going to be happening for a loooong time)!  I think we'll just have to master tucking the bottom of the quilt under the bed so that it looks like a perfect fit...we're so sneaky!
This is my favourite intersection of the quilting!

So that's it.  Completely worth the time, effort and love that was put into it.  It feels really  good to give my son something that I poured myself into...and it's something that he can keep for (hopefully) a very long time.  Life is good.  :)



  1. Awesome job, Karina! A gift to treasure for years to come

  2. So beautiful Karina - Elliott is a lucky boy!


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