Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Jump Rope Dress

I think I might need to start a separate blog for the dresses that I'm making Arlyn.  I'm seriously enjoying making these little numbers!  Today's post is brought to you by Oliver + S.  Again.  :)  If you haven't ever been to the Oliver + S website, hop on over right now as soon as your done looking around at The Naked Spool and take a look at all the cute goodness. 

After finding some adorable red and white fabric while thrifting I purchased the Oliver + S Jump Rope pattern to make Arlyn a Canada Day dress. 

Here it is!

It looks a little more pink from a distance than I want it to, but I'm still going to have her wear it for fireworks in July!

I love the Oliver + S patterns because they are so easy to follow...I haven't tried making a collar until now, and it wasn't too bad!

Sleeve Cuff

Front Pocket

Front Placket
As usual, I'll post some pics of Arlyn wearing it once I can get her hair brushed.  It's really hard to keep it in place...it looks normal, but it's actually crazy (kinda like a lot of people I know...in a good way)!

I hope you're all having a bright and beautiful week!


  1. Very beautiful!! This is one of my favorite O+S patterns.

  2. Thanks so much, Sharon! I know, this pattern is too cute - I'm definintely going to have to get it in the bigger sizes for later!

  3. Have you added it to the O+S flicker group? The girls would just love it!

  4. Thanks Emily! And thanks for the flickr tip, Sharon!

  5. I love it! Perfect for Canada day! Hmmm... I'm off to check out that pattern again and the rest of your blog :)
    I love your blog name and header by the way!

  6. Thanks, Lynne - I'm glad that you came by!

  7. Beautiful! The print is perfect for this dress, and the photo of the dress hanging on the blue wall is fantastic.


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