Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Naked Spool...

The Naked Spool has been born out of the many reasons I end up with spools gone bare:  Quilting. Crafting.  A need just to feel like I've created something today.  A sewing machine that likes to eat up thread.  Kids who love to find the end of the thread and watch the spool roll along the floor... 

I've created this blog mostly for myself, to help document my creative adventures, but also for my husband (poor soul), who tirelessly listens to in-depth analysis of my sewing experiments that have or have not gone haywire!  I hope to encourage others to follow their passions, even if they haven't quite mastered them yet (or have not yet figured out what they are)!  Take a look at my About Karina page to find out a little more about me!  Thanks for stopping in :)

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