Friday, 9 December 2011


We need stockings.  When Dave and I first married we bought two of the most hideous stockings I've ever was so close to Christmas that there were only a few left in the stores...and none of them were suitable!  I decided on blue stockings that had an AWFUL pink/purple cuff on them, which I brought home and immediately covered with white felt.  It was a okay solution in these dire circumstances, but enough is enough!  While out thrifting last week I came across this beautiful sweater...
The beading adds so much beauty and the buttons are great!  Straight away I thought of how nice it would be to have stockings that look at beautiful as this, so I bought the sweater (with the not so hefty price tag of $5.99) and brought that baby home!  Fifteen minutes of pinning and sewing today and here is the finished result!
And, even though one of those beautiful beads cost me one of my sewing machine needles, I'm completely satisfied with the outcome!  Now to find three more sweaters...

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