Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Quilt Number ONE!

So, I finished my very first quilt way back in October, but since it was a Christmas gift for one of my sisters, I had to wait to post the finished product (and also tried to keep my mouth shout about it...that was difficult)!  She's having her second baby boy in a few weeks and I hope this quilt will make him feel welcome...though, I guess it's a little big right now.  :)

Here it is!

I selected all the fabrics online from Hawthorne Threads and (as usual) fell in love when they arrived in my mailbox! 

The back:
I used my good old (okay, it's not that old) Kenmore sewing machine to free-motion quilt this puppy and It turned out great!   I did have numerous run-ins with my bobbin thread that would snap every few seconds, but once that was under control it only took a few hours to quilt.  Thus, my love of quilting had begun!  Thanks to Elizabeth Harthman's book The Practical Guide to Patchwork for the pattern and inspiration!

Click here to see my second quilt!

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  1. whoa, what are you doing in sewing 101!!! I'm doing a more thorough creep through here and you are TOO good!! I better start practising so I dont embarrass myself next week! Amazing.


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