Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Paper Piecing...Oh Ya!

Okay, so the other day I was wondering around (online, of course), and peeking at a sewing/quilting technique called paper piecing. If you're unfamiliar with the technique, basically it involves sewing fabric to is extremely helpful when trying to sew together intricate or small pieces that are likely to stretch when sewed.  Basically, paper piecing helps the sewer create virtually perfect blocks every time!

Then, when I was rocking Arlyn last night (okay, so I was day dreaming), I thought that I might like to try paper piecing Arlyn's name together and hanging it up in her room somewhere. I sketched out some little templates this afternoon while Arlyn slept and started my mock-up tonight!  And oh boy, it turned out wonderful (in my humble opinion)!
Completed 'A' mock-up!

I didn't want to use my 'good' fabric, just in case my design wasn't quite right, but these fabrics still look cute...I just love the yellow print!   Here's a few pics that I took of the process tonight, in case you're interested! 
Sewing on top of design with piece one and two behind.
Back of paper with pieces one and two sewn together
Seams opened and pressed...the start of something good!

Paper held up to light so I can see what I'm doing!  :)
Done with the sewing, now for the trimming!

The finished product (for now, at least)!
 Now for the rest of the letters...more to come!  Oh, and if you have any ideas of what I should do with this little lonely, 'A', leave me a comment and let me know! 


  1. Congrats! Paper piecing is such a great tool. I hope to do more of it in 2012 as well. Maybe you could make a cute little pillow for her bed with that A?

  2. "A" for Annie? Maybe the top for a pincushion for me??? =P

    Great tute/photos...I do like paperpiecing. Can make small quilty projects a whole LOT less frustrating. =)



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