Sunday, 1 January 2012

SPOILED...and ready for 2012!

I am so excited to share with you all the wonderful gifts I was SPOILED with this Christmas!  Wow.  I am utterly blown away by my family's generosity and also with how well they know me :).  I feel so loved!  I feel a bit like I'm bragging right now...but look what I get to start this new year out with!

I have already ordered material to start Elliott's quilt and will be using a pattern from Little Bits Quilting Bee that I got from my husband on Christmas morning. The inside of this book is filled with delicious looking quilts, all created from charm packs, jelly rolls, layer cakes and fat quarters.

And looky here!

This Oliver + S book is so adorable I can hardly look at it without getting giddy!  There are so many cute projects inside that will work for Arlyn (15 months) and Elliott (4 years)...I'm so grateful that the sizes and patterns in the book span from infant to size 10.  Wonderful!  Thanks to my sister, Sarah for thinking of me while walking through the book store (and of course, to Liesl Gibson who designed these little gems).  :) 

Oh, and what could this little box be holding inside? 

When my sister Heidi was in New York this past fall she picked up some beautiful fabric with me in mind!  She selected two prints from the Storyboek line by Birch Fabrics that just radiate adorable.  I'm still deciding what to make with these prints, but I'm sure that I'll have more than enough ideas from the above resources!

And if I haven't mentioned enough books already, I'll now fill up my book mention quota!  My mother-in-law picked up this great little book called Pocket Posh Tips for Quilters which is filled with just that!  I think I'll keep this puppy right next to my machine!

All gifts aside, this Christmas was simply wonderful.  Having moved away from family this past August, any time we are able to spend with our parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, etc. is such a great blessing.  At the end of the festivities it feels good to come home to Bowmanville filled up and ready for the year ahead.  And, it doesn`t hurt that the above goodies plus a new walking foot for my sewing machine (thanks Nana!), a gift certificate for Hawthorne Threads (thanks Mom!) and a new quilting magazine (thanks Melinda!) were all saying, `go home and use me`!  :) 

Family and friends, I am blessed to have you in my life; wishing you all an incredible 2012!

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  1. I love the leeetle quilty "pocket book". I just ran over to Amazon and put one in my cart. Yipeee!

    All but 1 of our 5 grown children live out of state. All 10 of our grandchildren do too. So, I know what you mean about how great it is to get together with them whenever it's possible. =)



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