Thursday, 26 January 2012

Robots and Rainbows

Okay, so, I'm in a but of a lull in terms of sewing.  Well, maybe it's a lull in actual project completion!  Instead of sewing the past few nights, I  1) sat down with my hubby and watched a movie (which was wonderful), 2) doodled out a robot on graph paper to see if I can paper piece one for the back of Elliott's quilt:

and 3) went to my first ever sewing class last night.  This has left little to no room for actual project completion of any sort! 

On a happy note. 

I wanted to share some lovely fabric that I got in the mail last week - it's from the Far Far Away III collection by Heather Ross and has been out for a while (though I just stumbled upon it recently due to my 'newness' to fabric shopping)! All I have to say, is 'Guitars in Pink'

The fabric is partial linen and the feel of it is wonderful. I generally buy quilting cotton, as most of my time is spent on actual quilting, but after making the penguin backpack I knew that I needed some other types of fabric to explore creativity options! The problem is, I just don't want this material to get dirty, so I'm not sure what to use it for (like making a kids bag is out of the question)! :)

There are still some shops that have this material and others in the collection available, like Bloomerie, but I think it's getting scarce! 

On a happier note.

I was able to finish this 34x34 section of the back of Elliott's quilt.  I still have a long way to go with more scrappy sewing, but it's coming along!


On an even happier note.
I stumbled upon this wonderful reminder in Arlyn's room this morning.

I love little reminders like this. 
I hope you're all having a rainbow filled day...and if you're not, one must be on its way!


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  1. Your sketch for paper piecing looks awesome... and ambitious. You go girl! All it takes is guts to do most things, I think. Love how your top turned out!


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